Smile. You're beautiful.

I'm here because girls deserve to feel gorgeous no matter what. I’m here to make them smile, and to make them feel better about themselves. I’m here to listen to anyone and everyone. Every girl is gorgeous and precious in her own way. So before you ask.. no, I will not tell you who I am :) I'm sorry, but I want to stay anonymous. I just want to make you smile, that's my goal :) -Anonymous beautiful girl (s)

cheeseweasles asked: Im glad that your happy! Heres a lollipop *hands lollipop*

-starts singing lollipop ohh lollipop-

cheeseweasles asked: I ate all the captain crunch.... TT^TT im sorry! *Cries*



your-electricfeel asked: ahah oh it is indeed :) i better get some sleep! nighty night <3

Hope you slept well :)